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Born in Rome, Giancarlo Impiglia moved to New York in the seventies, where he established himself with a signature style built on the shoulders of the great modernist movements of the 20th century. In all of his work, his eclecticism is evident, underpinned by his technical skill. This has allowed him to consistently find new ways of expression to comment upon social, political, and economic contemporary culture.

For CONTEXT Art Miami 2018, Impiglia rediscovers what he is best known for, returning to his iconic cityscapes and elegant interiors with fresh compositions, textures, and mediums.

This rediscovery is epitomized by the two-panel screen Cityscape (2018), which blends foreground and background, figure and setting, speaking to our equality both with our peers and with the space we inhabit—we are all part of the same ecosystem, individualism but a fallacy playing into the hands of marketers and trendsetters.

He further explores this idea with his reimaging of art nouveau figures, creating semi-mythic scenes dominated by women, alluding to numerous origin stories and the woman’s role as the giver of life. These women flow with the same audible winds as the foliage they are a part of.

Impiglia’s work has been exhibited in numerous galleries around the world and is part of prominent collections including that of The Victoria and Albert Museum, the Absolut Art Collection, and the Wifredo Lam Center. He has also exhibited at CONTEXT New York, Art Southampton, and Art Hampton, among other art fairs. Three publications are dedicated to his enduring career: Giancarlo Impiglia, Paintings for the Queens & Collected Works (2012), The Art of Giancarlo Impiglia (1995), and Giancarlo Impiglia: Recent Work (1982).



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