For more than four decades I have been detaching myself from conformity, creating art by embracing a unique vision where eclecticism is the foundation of my signature style. Within all my work, it is this that I hope the viewer will see: art created with a connection to the past, free of common trends and stabilized taste.” – Giancarlo Impiglia

Past Major Exhibitions

One man Show – Kiva Gallery, Scarsdale, NY  1980
Paintings Sculptures , Serigraphs – Rizzoli gallery  5th Avenue New York, NY – 1981
San Francisco, Chicago, Costa Mesa, Los Angeles  1982 – 1983 – 1984
Group Show – Bridge Gallery- County Office Bldg., White Plains,NY  1981
Icons of Respectability – Alex Rosenberg Gallery, New York, New York – 1884
Recent Works – Works II Gallery, Southampton, NY  1985
Works by Giancarlo Impiglia – First Impression gallery- Toronto, CA – 1985
City Pulse – Mussavi Gallery, Soho,  New York, NY – 1987
One Man Show – Mussavi gallery, Soho New York, NY  1988
Party Time  Laura Paul Gallery, Cincinnati, Oh  1989
Paperworks – Group Show – First Impression Gallery, Toronto, CA – 1989
Harvest Time  Robert Mondavi Winery, Napa Valley, CA – 1990
One man Show – Scott Hanson Gallery, San Francisco, CA – 1991
Figures x 6 – Contemporary Gallery- Marywood College, Scranton, PA  1993
Illusion – Elaine Benson Gallery, Bridgehampton, New York – 1995
Unveiling of Three Murals – Queen Elizabeth – 1995
Paintings of Giancarlo Impiglia – Wilfredo Lam Center, Havana, Cuba – 1996
Icons of Respectability – Claudia Carr Gallery, West Broadway, Soho, NY  1998
Night Warriors  Warehouse Gallery, Lee, Ma  1998
Group Show Gracie Lawrence Gallery, Delray Beach, FL  1999
Giancarlo Impiglia Retrospective – Sangre De Cristo Art Center, Pueblo Colorado – 2000
Imagination and Transformation – Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Washington DC  2002
Olympic Truce – Pieces  of Piece – Olympic Arts Festival  2004
Drawings and Pastels  East End gallery- East Hampton, NY  2005
Chiaroscuro – East End Gallery – East Hampton, NY  2006
Paintings from the Past – East End Gallery- East Hampton, NY  2007
25 Year Retrospective – Christy’s Art Center, Sag Harbor, New York. 2009
The Big Show 6 – Group Show – Silas Marder Gallery, Bridgehampton, NY – 2011
New Works – Counterpoint Contemporary Fine Art – Bridgehampton NY – 2014
Group Show – Peter Marcelle Gallery, Southampton, NY  2015
For that Which is Sacred – Gallery nine 5, New York, NY – 2015
Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow – A Retrospective at The National Arts Club, New York, NY- Opening Night March 29, 2016

Art Fairs 

Art Hampton 2014
Art Southampton 2014
Red Dot Miami 2014
Art Hampton 2015
Art Southampton 2015
Art Palm Beach 2016

Important Commissions

  • Revisiting Lower Manhattan – 60 foot Mural on 5 panels on Canvas Lobby of 99 John Street (built by the same architects as the Empire State Building), New York, NY – 1974-75
  • Fifth Avenue Revisited – 40 foot mural – Two panels on Canvas 8’x20′ each. Fortunoff  5th Avenue – Jewelry store on 5th Avenue, NY – 1979
  • The Top of the City  two panels on canvas 10’x 7’ each. Fortunoff’s Private Residence – NY- 1981
  • Café Society – 35 foot Mural on 5 panels on Canvas each 7’x7’- Broadway, New York, NY – 1987
  • Conair Corporation – A Group of Paintings – 1989
  • Midsummer’s Night Party – Acrylic on Canvas on three panels 6’ x 18’, Private Residence – Greenwich – CT – 1989
  • Absolut Impiglia – Acrylic on Canvas 33”x 31” – Absolut Vodka advertisement -1992
  • 21 State  Acrylic on Canvas 6’x 10” – The Fifth/Third Bank of Ohio, Columbus, Ohio – 1993
  • The Flight Acrylic on canvas 4’x 7’ – USAir Terminal, LaGuardia Airport, New York, NY 1992
  • Life style I – Life Style II – 5’x13′ each – The Henley Regatta  36″x98″  Murals on canvas for Cruise Liner QE2, Cunard – 1995
  • Ball Room – Show Time- Moonlight Serenade – Cocktail Hour– 4 paintings for Cruise Liner Queen Mary 2- Cunard Collection – 2003
  • Portrait of Young Queen Victoria Cruise liner Queen’s Room – Queen Victoria – Cunard 2007
  • Commission of 5 paintings – Cruise Liner Queen Elizabeth – Cunard – 2010
  • Poster for FIFA World Cup 2010 – World Fine Art, Johannesburg, South Africa – 2010


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Giancarlo Impiglia was born in Rome, Italy. He studied at the Art Lyceum and the Academy of Fine Arts of Rome before completing his studies at the Italian Centre of Cinematography. In the early 1970s he moved to the United States, and has since established himself as one of the most prominent artists in the American art scene, delivering powerful commentary on social, political, and economic contemporary culture with a signature style identifiable around the world.

In addition to having exhibited in countless galleries in the US and Europe, he has been featured in various important museums, including The Victoria and Albert Museum of London and The Museum of the City of New York. His work is a part of many important private collections, such as the Pfizer Inc. Art Collection, that of the Fortunoff family, and of Sir Elton John, and has been featured in numerous publications, most notably as an official advertisement for Absolut Vodka. His murals can be seen gracing the walls of all Cunard’s cruise liners, QE2, Queen Mary 2, Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth, where they echo the Roaring ‘20s and ‘30s and the Golden Age of travel. They have also been immortalized in Hollywood blockbuster films such as Big. Several publications and dozens of articles have been dedicated to Impiglia’s work, including two books: The Art of Giancarlo Impiglia (Rizzoli International, 1996) and Paintings for the Queens and Collected Works (Lily Publishing, 2010). Impiglia’s refusal to follow the rules of the art market allows his work to continuously unfold into new visions.

Excerpted Critiques 

[Impiglia] stands on the shoulders of the Italian futurists, recalls the flourishes of Art Nouveau, celebrates the curving geometry of Art Deco and integrates the concept of Cubism…His stylized figures inhabit a unique world of his own creation…[Impiglia] is the opposite of a minimalist: he is a maximalist and his work “talks” to civilized art appreciators…His is the voice of an original.
Elaine Benson
The Elaine Benson Gallery
Bridgehampton, New York 

The penetrating vision of the work of Giancarlo Impiglia provides a compelling portrait of the mood and mores of the twentieth century…the realities and fantasies of our time and culture are depicted with infinite flair in the colorful compositions and bold images filling Impiglia paintings, establishing [him] as a leading chronicler of our actions, hopes, and desires.
From the introduction of “The Art of Giancarlo Impiglia”
Rizzoli International Publications, Inc.
Written by Ronny Cohen

The interpenetrating planar structures of Futurism in combination with the reductive directness of Pop and an uncannily sure sense of design and proportion serve as [Impiglia’s] means of achieving a sophisticated synthetic realism. The approach… is at once impassioned and distant.
Excerpted from ARTNEWS, “New York Reviews”
Written by Ronny Cohen

Impiglia’s signature pieces [are] a combination of Cubism, Italian Futurism and Art Deco…[his] hard-edge style is significant, another indication of the artist’s theme that humans are unbending and inflexible…”Message” and “style” become one in Impiglia’s art.
Excerpted from Dan’s Paper
Written by Marion W. Weiss

An artist who creates the image of movement, as well as a pulsing visual movement…Impiglia’s stylized figures, costumed in the magnificent fashion of forties evening wear, fill his canvases with a romantic, nostalgic glamor. The psychological interaction of the partygoers is emphasized by the new way the figures overlay other figures, merging and separating forms until the surface pulses with pattern and color. Excerpted from ArtSpeak
Written by Dustan Knight

Based on his observation that costumes reflect culture…Impiglia’s paintings are more than merely symbolic statements about social values. They underlie our preoccupation to hide realty behind our superficial appearance.
Excerpted from SunStorm Fine Art
Written by Victor Forbes

If one word could describe Impiglia’s work it would be “kinetic.” By combining static figures with varying geometric shapes and shades of color, as well as blending several artistic style, the artist creates an intense sense of movement that makes his work all the more unique and dynamic.
Excerpted from The Washington Diplomat
Written by Jordan Gilmore

Despite Impiglia’s many identifying traits and sources, his sense of theatricality and stylized narrative is powerful. We are not surprised to learn, therefore, that he studied cinematography as a young student in Italy. Is that the reason his images move across the canvas or wall, leaving in their paths plots about the people we are seeing ? Is that why we identify with these figures, forming a bond with their joys and pain?
Excerpted from Dan’s Papers
Written by Marion Wolberg Weiss

The Composure of his work also goes beyond the surface. It is two-dimentional, with colors that are flat and saturated. Closer examination reveals the complexity in the organization of shapes and colors. The composition reflect moods. Like a Bergman Film, a second viewing will be a different experience, with the ceaseless fascination of discovering something new.
Excerpted from Hamptons Country Magazine
Written by Martine Hackett

Museums Featuring Impiglia’s Work

The Victoria and Albert Museum
The Museum of the City of New York
The Zimmerli Art Museum
The Kentucky Derby Museum
The Sangre de Cristo Arts Center

Collections Featuring Impiglia’s Work

Cunard Lines Collection
The Fortunoff Family’s Private Collection
The Pfizer Inc. Art Collection
Sir Elton John’s Private Collection
Gloria Vanderbilt’s Private Collection
The Absolut Art Collection
The Official FIFA Art Poster Edition of the 2010 Fifa World Cup, South Africa

Print Publications

Giancarlo Impiglia: Paintings for the Queens and Collected Works. Text by Christopher Impiglia (Lily Publishing, UK – 2012).

The Art of the Giancarlo Impiglia. Text by art critic and curator Ronny Cohen (Rizzoli International, 1996).

Giancarlo Impiglia: Recent Work. With an introduction by Stephen Di Lauro (Rizzoli International, 1982).

Artist’s Statement 

For more than four decades I have been detaching myself from conformity, creating art by embracing a unique vision where eclecticism is the foundation of my signature style. Within my vision, people can identify the influence of the many historically important art movements, which I reanalyzed and reinterpreted in a modern context. This is what my new book is all about: art created with a connection to the past, free of common trends and stabilized taste.